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Back to School

Well it is hard to believe, summer break is over.  Our local schools open tomorrow.  I will start out the year with 22 kindergarten students.  We have started a new program this year, Kindergarten Academy.  It consists of 2 Certified teachers and 6 Instructional assistants within 4 rooms. How excited I am to be a part of something new.  It looks to be a great year!!

Sneaky Snake is looking for a publishing company to pick him up.  Just sent out copies to several companies……keeping my fingers crossed!!

Making it short tonight…..need to spend time with the fam and get ready for a big day in kindergarten tomorrow.

Take it from Sneaky Snake…..learn to be a STAR, not a SCAR, in someone else’s memories.  Pass the word….Stop the BULLYING!!


Keeping Motivated

I’M BACK!!!!!!  I know, been a while.  No excuses!! It is time to stay motivated and keep moving forward.  I have really missed writing.  Most of my time lately has been divided among my graduating daughter, work, horses and our construction business. Time to concentrate on my book, Sneaky Snake. So many people have been asking me how the book is going.  I would love to say great, but that would be a lie.  That is where the MOTIVATION comes to play. After being turned away by a couple of different publishers, I lost my motivation. The exact words from one publishing company was…..though we appreciated the text’s heartwarming story, we did not feel that it would be a good fit for our picture book list. Wow…took the wind right out of my sails!! Really….like I have never heard “NO” before. That should have made me more determined than ever, but instead, I let it get the best of me. It took my motivation to accomplish my goals in life.  You know as well as I do, nothing comes easy in this world, unless you are born with that silver spoon already in your mouth. About 5 this morning, I laid in bed thinking about my book and ways to get the lesson of Sneaky Snake out there for the children.  So now I am back!!  Ready to fight for what I believe in. I believe children learn from Sneaky Snake how to treat a good friend and that bullying others could lead to bad things.  Something so simple….can teach so much.  Until next time…..take care. 

Fool Me Twice…..Shame On Me!!!

At this point in my life…..I should know better.  Trusting people is such a risk.  To make a long story short…..I did not get the position that I applied for.  This time, someone who has been in our school system for only a couple of years(on a grant) got the position. So my 12 years in the system and 19 years of experience means absolutely nothing!! Let me clarify that remark.  Means absolutely nothing to a few, but it means everything to me.  My experience defines who I am. I take pride in everything I do.  From the smallest of tasks, to the greatest.  Maybe what I have been looking for, has been with me all along.  I still firmly believe that all things happen for a reason.  Time for me to get back to my book.  Looking for a publishing company for Sneaky Snake needs to be a priority on my list to do.  Also, taking a major interest in our horse business.  Yes, I said business.  Since we have the indoor arena, we can move forward with training and selling horses.  Already have plans in place and meetings scheduled.  This time, I am putting my trust in us(Keith and I).  We are a great team and have been for 23 years.  Together we have raised two wonderful girls and successfully ran our home improvement business for 19 years and counting.  After all is said and done…..I think I am where I belong.

Until next time….. 

A New Year!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I spent Christmas with family and great friends.  My husband and I welcomed the New Year at home.  Both of our girls were out doing their own thing.  We are trying to get adjusted to the fact that it will soon be just the two of us again.  It is hard to believe our girls are 18 and 21. 

We have been enjoying our new arena.  I have rode my young mare for the past 5 days…..what a difference that makes in the performance of the horse.   I am getting her ready for the next horse show.

Kentucky weather has been crazy lately.  We have been working outside on the arena for the past couple of days, enjoying the 50 degree weather.  Today, I am looking out at the blowing snow and feeling the 20 degree weather…yuck!!!!!

Back to school tomorrow……it should be a crazy day.  The kids have been off from school for the past 17 days.  Alot of patience will be needed for tomorrow. 

It feels like I have not stopped since I got out of school for Christmas break.  I thought I would get some writing done, but could never find the time.  End of the year means tax time, so I had to get our tax papers together.  With both girls going to be in college, time to file FAFSA. 

I started the new year 15 pounds lighter…..good for me!!!!!  Watching my fat intake has really made a difference.  I dropped the weight in the last 7 weeks.  If anyone is interested in my secrets let me know…..I may blog about it.  I will even help you along.

Still waiting on news about the job opening.  I should hear something this week. 

Until next time……be safe and take care.

Christmas Vacation……

Well I made it through the Kindergarten Christmas party on Friday.  I painted 22 little faces!!!  They all looked so cute with their Sneaky Snakes on their cheeks.  I have to say….Sneaky looked so cute with his little Santa hat on!!!!  The kids loved it. 

It has been quite busy around here.  We have been working on our arena all weekend. My brother, 12 years my elder, showed up to help.  Poor guy, after the second tumble down the muddy hill, he called it a day.  It is finally looking like we are making progress.  Just can’t wait to ride our horses in it for the first time.  That will be a while yet.  The Kentucky rain will not let up.  Yes, it is warm here, but so wet!!!! Our arena dirt is really MUD…….We live on one of the highest points in the county, so the wind has been in our favor.  The dirt is drying, little by little, just in time to freeze!  I will post pics soon of our dream come true.

Today is going to be another busy one.  Haylee(youngest daughter) and I are heading to the mall for some last minute shopping.  This is the first year that I have NOT been done shopping by October.  Just started wrapping gifts on Saturday.  Boy am I way behind!!!

Another job opportunity??  Learned of another job that I am very interested in.  Hopefully I can apply today.  Wish me luck!!! I will let you know how it turns out.  Change is around the corner…..just have to find the right street. 

As we head into this busy time of the year, remember those you love and don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel.  God has truly blessed me with 2 wonderful daughters and a terrific husband, that I adore.  To my family and friends….I love you all…..thank you for being a part of my life.

May you find peace and happiness.  Take Care…..

Try, Try, Again…..

Well, all I can say….12 years at my job and 19 years of accounting experience wasn’t enough for the job position that I applied for in our county. What is even worse….someone from a neighboring county got the position.  Wow….that was a real kick in the a?? ……lol  

But all things happen for a reason.  I guess I was needing a kick in the a??….so now that I got it, I am ready to move forward.  Try, Try, Again…..  

I can’t wait for next week with the kids at school.  I am going to paint Sneaky Snake with his Santa hat, on all the kids in my kindergarten class.  I wish my book could reach out to children in other schools.  It has made such a great impression on the kids at my school.  I am reading it to preschool this coming week.  Also, I am showing 2 fourth grade classes the process of writing a book and having it published.  Then I get to share the story with them.  Too bad my job doesn’t pay anything, money wise, because it sure does make me happy!!  I love sharing my book with them.  They all want to read Sneaky Snake part 2.  I have one just about done, but until part 1 gets picked up, it will have to be on hold.  Toooooo expensive to do it on my own again. 

Update on our indoor horse arena……roof goes on today!!!!

Better get busy….lots to do today.  Baby shower at 1:00….We are expecting twins in the family….NOT ME…….My sister-in-law.  We are all so excited.  She is 39 and these babies(BOYS) are her first.  Good Luck with that!!!!!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend….take care til we talk again…..

The Changes In My Life Have Begun!!

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about change.  With my youngest daughter graduating high school this year, allows me to think of my own career.  For the past 12 years I have worked as an Instructional Assistant at the local Elementary school.  The summers off with the girls were great.  I thank God that I was given the opportunity to be so close to my girls while they were growing up.  As my youngest prepares for her future at college, I am preparing for my future. 

I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. Recently, I heard of an opening at our local Board of Education.  I have an interview on Monday. If I get the job, I will be thrilled.  If I don’t, to say the least I will be disappointed.  Wish me luck!! 

Another change is in the process for our family…..My husband has always dreamed of having an indoor arena.  He is finally getting to live the dream.  Today, the crane came to set our trusses for the indoor.  It is not huge by no means, but quite big enough for us.  We like breaking and training young horses to sell.  This is something that he and I have always talked about doing, and now it is being done.  So EXCITING!! 

I am very thankful to God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us.  Alot of times I don’t feel worthy. 

I am also thankful for the people that I have crossed paths with during my lifetime.  Some of those, crossing their path only once was enough….lol.  But overall, there are some really great people out there.  During the holidays, remember all those wonderful people in your life.  Even Sneaky Snake learned….having lots of friends is really something to be proud of…..

It’s Starting to Feel a Little Like Christmas…..

I have always been told that animals can sense the weather change, especially if there is bad weather moving in.  I am totally convinced that the kids at school can sense the holidays are near… WOW are they excited and rowdy!!!!!  I am wore out by the time I get home.  Yesterday, I decided to walk 22 laps in our school gym.  To my surprise when I went in the gym, there was the after school program kids.  Have you ever tried to walk laps dragging kids with you?  One was wrapped around my stomach, while another was holding onto my leg.  I’m sure it was quite the sight.  I ended up doing my laps with about 15 kids helping me.  I have to say, you walk pretty fast with a bunch of wild kids chasing you…  But I finished with a smile, knowing those kids would rather be with me, than doing anything else at that time.  It always makes my heart feel overwhelmed to hear those words….”I love you Mrs. Taylor”. When I leave the school for good, I sure will miss those little faces.

I did apply for another job today….I will have to let you know how that goes.  Wish me luck……

Rainy Days…..Gloomy is contagious!!!

Where is the beautiful sunshine??  It has been so dark and dreary here in KY today.  The rain has made me feel sad and gloomy.  I feel like I could cry with every raindrop that I hear hitting the window.  This is a terrible feeling and I need to get out of this funk.  One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day is EAT!!!  But…..since my last trip to have my cholesterol checked has me on a diet to watch my fat intake….scratch the EATING.  But on a good note, I have lost 7 pounds in three weeks…..Good for me:)  I think I will take advantage of the rainy weather and call it a great night to spend time with my youngest daughter, watching a movie.  The sound of it makes me feel better already.  Until next time, take care….

Change…..Is it good??

My life has been filled with change for the last several years.  Children are the best change to our lives.  But not all change comes from something good.  When I lost my Father 15 years ago, my life changed in an instant.  Our family was never the same.  You could see the strings that held us together start breaking.  All it took was the passing of my Mother in 2001, to break the camel’s back.  We fell completely apart.  I rarely talk to one of my sisters. And for the other….we don’t speak.  I stay in touch with my brother and we are close, but it still is not the same. We were a pretty close family, but apparently not close enough to withstand change.  Strength and faith seems to be the key to surviving change, or atleast it is for me.  That part of my life is like a chapter in a book.  I am done with that chapter and moved on to another. Yet, the chapters are never ending.  One day, the book of my life will close for good, but until then, change is always there waiting to end one chapter and start a new one. My husband and I are very close with our two daughters.  What a change for me when our oldest went off to college four years ago.  Sad, yes, but a good change for her.  The beginning of her life and dreams.  Now, I wait to see our youngest graduate high school in May.  I am so afraid to see her go…..I feel she still needs us close.  She was diagnosed 2 years ago with Juvenile diabetes.  The thought of her being away from us makes me sick inside.  But, I know, she too needs a chance to start her life. 

My dear Aunt lost her husband to suicide a year ago.  He was dying with COPD, a horrible disease.  He just could not take it any more and chose to end his life.  Now, what she feels she needs is change.  At 73 years old, her chose is to move to another state to be closer to her son and family.  Everything she has known for the past 40 years, she is leaving behind.  Maybe the memories are too overwhelming for her considering the circumstances.  I am so sad to see her leave, but I understand her need for change.  Two more days I have with her, and then that chapter of my life closes too.

I find myself at a crossroad in my own life.  I have dedicated my life to taking care of my girls.  I resigned from my job when my oldest started kindergarten.  I wanted to be there for my girls, just like my mother had always been there for me.  I started working at the elementary school when my youngest started, and I am still there 12 years later.  But this is my crossroad……I love my job working with children at the school, but it doesn’t pay anything.  I have basically worked for the insurance all these years.  Now, it is my turn for change.  Time for my career, time for me.  I don’t know where to go or what to do.  I need to decide my path.  My goal is to find something that best suits me, for who I am.  I will miss all my kids at school.  I get so attached to them.  But change even finds me there.  With every new year, those kids that I fell in love with, leave and a new group comes in. 

Change……I wouldn’t say it is always good or bad… is what you decide to make of it.   So I have decided to make this change for me….the best.  I just have to decide, where I go from here…..Follow me on my path to find who I am and what I choose to be…..

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